vpCHICAGO – New opportunities in building trade and construction are on the way for many Chicago residents thanks to State Senator Patricia Van Pelt securing a $700,000 investment.

“Amplifying the demand for jobs and trade programs is imperative,” said Van Pelt (D-Chicago). “The Illinois Works Pre-Apprenticeship program will help incorporate necessary training and education needed for many women and people of color to succeed in the trades.”

The Illinois Works Pre-Apprenticeship was created to promote diversity, inclusion and use of apprentices in state-funded capital projects. Comprehensive pre-apprenticeship programs help participants gain admission to apprenticeship programs, which provide a greater opportunity to obtain employment in the construction trades and secure long-term employment.

A total of $13 million for the program’s second year will expand access to the program across the state and will serve up to 1,400 pre-apprentices – a 40% increase from the program’s inaugural year. With the support of Van Pelt, more than $500,000 will be awarded to Chicago Women in Trades and $200,000 will be awarded to The Revolution Workshop.

“We can no longer refute the need to expand job opportunities in the trades for those who are often underrepresented,” said Van Pelt. “Providing an ample amount of funding and education through these programs is an integral key to maintaining resources, expanding representation and building a successful economy.”

Participants of the program attend tuition-free and receive a stipend and other supportive, barrier reduction services to help enter the construction industry. Upon completion of the program, pre-apprentices receive industry aligned certifications to prepare and qualify them to continue to a registered apprenticeship program in one of the trades.

Information on the Illinois Works Pre-Apprenticeship Program can be found here.

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CHICAGO – State Senator Patricia Van Pelt (D-Chicago) released the following statement after reports of people being turned away at a Chicago Police Department registry office:

“I am disappointed and appalled to hear that those complying with the law are not being properly supported. Those who have served time for their criminal convictions deserve to assimilate into the community, and register themselves without increasing the risk of arrest and additional time served.”

“No one should be standing in line for extended hours, taking time away from work, their family, and daily tasks while trying to do so.”

“I’ve reached out to the Chicago Police Department and will monitor the situation.”



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CHICAGO – State Senator Patricia Van Pelt (D-Chicago) released the following statement after reports of four people being shot in the vicinity of Benito Juarez High School in Pilsen Friday afternoon:

“I am saddened to learn of yet another tragic shooting on the Westside.

“This keeps happening, and it’s never okay. We cannot be desensitized by such constant violence, but remain dedicated to creating safer spaces for everyone.

“Gun violence must end. We must reimagine our public safety system. We must keep fighting for a better tomorrow, because we can’t keep losing people this way.”

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111622CM0257SPRINGFIELD – Following the misinformation campaign on the Pretrial Fairness Act, State Senator Patricia Van Pelt voted to pass House Bill 1095 out of the Senate. This bill seeks to clarify provisions in the Pretrial Fairness Act, which goes into effect this January.

“My colleagues and I are proud of what we’ve accomplished with the SAFE-T Act, and we wanted to ensure that the purpose of Pretrial Fairness Act is protected,” said Van Pelt (D-Chicago). “There was so much misinformation spread around the elimination of the cash bail system, and we wanted to make sure there is no confusion when the law is implemented in January.”

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