On Saturday, August 14, 2021, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, and wreaked havoc on the southern region of the country, leaving thousands of dead, maimed, stuck under the rubble, and in desperate need of shelter and bare necessities. It has been two weeks since this cataclysm occurred. Yet, the search-and-rescue mission is still underway. Statistics compiled by the United Nations System in Haiti and the Haitian Office de la Protection du Citoyen have established that 800 thousand people are affected—among them, 2.2K dead, 12.2K injured, 650K needing emergency assistance, 130K of damaged and destroyed homes.

The DuSable Heritage Association (DHA) advises anyone who would like to support Haiti to use Partners In Health "pih.org" and University of Miami Project/Medishare "projectmedishare.org" Both are established organizations that have a long track record on relief work in Haiti.

In addition, some Haitian Organizations in the area have formed the Chicago Coalition for Haiti Relief - 2021 (*) with the dual purpose of providing a rapid response to the stricken populations’ immediate needs and envisioning a permanent vehicle that addresses structural needs and supports a long-term agenda. To that end, a Go-Fund-Me platform was established to receive financial contributions. The Coalition’s coordinating organization will distribute ALL proceeds to organizations that have demonstrably done great work on the ground in Haiti, such as Gaskov Clergé Foundation, Project Ste-Anne, and others.

DuSable Heritage Association urges you to contribute to this fundraising effort by donating to the platform of your choice. If you would rather use DHA’s channels, you are welcome to do so online at www.dusableheritage.com/donate.


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